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Saucy Peruvian Beans Saucy Peruvian Beans / 2013-02-11 / 0 / Icon for Post

2013/02/11 - Peruvian beans have many names, but our stores in California label them Peruano beans. Others may call them Mayocoba beans, Canary beans, or Mexican yellow beans. They are a... / 0 / More

Lavender Limeade (sweetened with stevia) Lavender Limeade (sweetened with stevia) / 2012-08-08 / 0 / Icon for Post

2012/08/08 - If you are fortunate enough to have a lavender plant or access to dried lavender, you can enjoy many lovely dishes and beverages flavored with this herb. This... / 0 / More

Veggie Shredded Chicken Enchiladas Veggie Shredded Chicken Enchiladas / 2012-06-26 / 0 / Icon for Post

2012/06/26 - Wheat protein in the form of light gluten shreds is now available from Creative Foods under the label “Creative Cuisine”. These versatile, low calorie protein shreds can be made... / 0 / More

Vegetarian Bratwurst Vegetarian Bratwurst / 2012-06-13 / 0 / Icon for Post

2012/06/13 - ...flour”, but be sure the label says it is suitable for use in seitan.) “NOW” brand makes a high quality gluten flour, which we have used here. Slice or crumble... / 0 / More